The 26th - 30th of March 2018


This is the organization of an exhibition hall for the presentation of the activities and products of all the actors and stakeholders involved in the fields of E-health and patient safety including banks and insurance, investment funds, ICT operators, foundations and charities, health programs and technical and financial partners in Africa.

The focus of this multi-sector show will focus on:

    i) the tools of the performance of medical technical platforms in Africa

    Promotional health activities (development partners, investment funds, insurance companies, banks, NGOs, health mutuals, etc.)
Activities of health facilities (health programs, insurance, health mutuals, research institutions, national public health institutions, etc.),
Activities of pharmaceutical laboratories (drug industries, health products, biomedical equipment, research institutes, etc.),
Medical tourism activities (high-level technical platforms, innovative equipment and services, adapted care offers, etc.)

    ii) the uses of digital technologies applied to the health sector:

    Telemedicine and teleconsultation
ICT and help with medical diagnosis and telediagnosis,
ICT, connected objects and medical devices,
ICT and Medical Imaging
ICT and health training system
ICT and medical robotics,
ICT and monitoring of chronic conditions (HIV / AIDS, diabetes, cancer, ...)
ICT, archiving and protection of personal data
ICT and management of the patient care path,
ICT and pharmaceutical and medical information systems,
ICT and management of heterogeneous integrated micro and nano-systems,
ICT and bio-embedded systems dedicated to health,
ICT and payment systems for medical benefits