The sponsorship of the 2nd Conference of Ministers of Health on Health Care Security in Africa (CIMSA 2018) can be justified by several reasons, both technical and professional:


     • Because this is an exceptional opportunity to showcase your company's technical and technological know-how at this high-level conference of health system decision-makers in Africa,

 •    Because the knowledge of the needs of the health structures, the population and the available technological expertise will help to refine strategic partnerships and technological developments,

  •   Because the CIMSA 2018 will offer a unique opportunity to further expand your contacts and networks with experts in the fields of digital technologies, health, quality of care and patient safety

     •   Your support is especially essential to be able to offer this opportunity to participants.



The multi-sectoral exhibition component of CIMSA 2018 concerns ICT institutions, institutions and operators that have direct or indirect links with the health sector in Africa.

This component will create a framework for meetings and exchanges for direct marketing of certain industrial products, technology or technical services.

Exhibition stands offer a number of advantages to potential customers compared to other media. They are powerful tools for:

    Allow a meeting and direct interviews with potential buyers of products
Offer a presentation space of the technical trays;
Evaluate market needs and discuss appropriate technology solutions
Present products, answer questions and overcome customer objections
• Use this channel to better communicate and send messages to service users
• Create a unique framework bringing together suppliers, buyers, policy makers, experts and media around ICT issues, quality of care and patient safety.

The CIMSA 2018 will offer companies the opportunity to present their technical platforms and care services focused on new digital technologies aimed at improving patient safety and risk management in healthcare settings.

This multi-sector exhibition will be organized into five thematic pavilions covering the interests of the CIMSA 2018 conference such as:

    i) Institutional, Technical and Financial Partners Pavilion:

    Promotional health activities (development partners, investment funds, insurance companies, banks, NGOs, health mutuals, etc.)
Activities of support structures (health programs, insurance, health mutuals, research institutions, national public health institutions, etc.),
Activities of health institutions (clinics and private practices, university hospitals and public hospitals, biomedical laboratories, etc.)

iii) Pavilion of Pharmaceutical Industries and Biomedical Equipment Manufacturers

    Activities of pharmaceutical laboratories (drug industries, health products, etc.),
Activities of biomedical equipment manufacturers (medical technical platforms, laboratory equipment, imaging and radiography equipment, etc.)

    iv) Pavilion of actors and professionals of medical tourism

    Medical tourism activities (high-level technical platforms, innovative equipment and services, adapted care offers, etc.)
Support activities for medical tourism (hotels, airlines, travel agencies etc)

    V) Pavilion of operators of digital technologies applied to health:

    Telemedicine and teleconsultation
ICT and help with medical diagnosis and telediagnosis,
ICT, connected objects and medical devices,
ICT and Medical Imaging
ICT and health training system
ICT and medical robotics,
ICT and monitoring of chronic conditions (HIV / AIDS, diabetes, cancer, ...)
ICT, archiving and protection of personal data
ICT and management of the patient care path,
ICT and pharmaceutical and medical information systems,
ICT and management of heterogeneous integrated micro and nano-systems,
ICT and bio-embedded systems dedicated to health,
ICT and payment systems for medical benefits