March 26, 2018

The meeting of the Committee of Country Experts in the Fields of Patient Safety and E-Health in Africa is a technical meeting to prepare the working papers to be submitted to the meeting of Ministers of Health and Digital Economy scheduled at the end of the conference.

It will analyze seven (7) technical papers on national strategies for patient safety and the use of ICTs in the health sector, and develop briefing notes for validation at the Ministerial Meeting. :

    Scheme of harmonization of the approaches of implication of the patients in the offer of care (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / D1)
Terms of Reference of the Regional Prevalence Survey of Nosocomial Infections in Public Maternity Services (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / D2)
International Master Project on Patient Safety and Risk Management in Africa (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / D3)
Project to implement the International Excellence Award and labels on risk management and patient safety (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / D4)
Cotonou Initiative on the Reduction of Mortality Associated with Healthcare-Associated Infections in Africa (ICLIAS) (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / D5)
Regional scheme for the harmonization of interventions concerning patient safety and nosocomial infection control in healthcare settings in Africa (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / D6)

Regional scheme for harmonizing development strategies for E-health in community-based interventions