March 27, 2018

The 2nd day of the country expert committee meeting aims to finalize the resolutions on urgent interventions to address issues related to improving the safety of care and the development of eHealth in Africa.

To this end, seven draft resolutions will be analyzed and synthesized into technical notes to be submitted for validation by the meeting of ministers:

    Resolution on the call for intensified action for the fight against healthcare-associated infections

(Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / R1)

    Resolution on the establishment of an annual day on risk management and patient safety

(Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / R2)

    Resolution on the establishment of a Regional Health Products Safety Agency (ARESSAPS) (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / R3)
Resolution on the Establishment of a Patient Safety Support Fund (FASEP) (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / R4)
Resolution on the Cotonou Declaration on Improving Patient Safety and Risk Management in Africa (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / R5)
Resolution on the Charter on Promoting the Quality of Care, Patient Safety in Health Care Facilities in Africa (GRSP / CIMSA 1 / R6)
Resolution on the establishment of a regional observatory on the development of digital transformation in the health sector in Africa (Document GRSP / CIMSA1 / R7)