1 Main objective:

1 Main objective:
Contribute to the implementation of operational strategies development of digital technologies in health facilities to improve risk management and patient safety in a perspective of strengthening the medical technical platform and development of medical tourism countries of the ECOWAS region ..


2 Specific objectives

    To present the profile of the patient safety and infectious risk management situation in health facilities in African countries and the outcomes of the ICPIC 2013 Geneva Conference special session;

    To assess the level of implementation by States and regional organizations in charge of health of the recommendations and resolutions of the 1st CIMSA International Conference 2012 of Cotonou,

    Analyze the level of digital maturity in the health and performance centers of the hospital technical centers and validate the methodological approach for setting up ICT committees and risk management;

    Organize parallel scientific sessions on research work in the field of ICT, patient safety and the organization of health vigilance as a means of risk management in healthcare settings,

    Adopt operational recommendations on ICT development strategies and medical tourism development to improve risk management and quality of care in health systems in Africa.