March 28, 2018

These six technical sessions, consisting of an average of 3 to 4 papers, will focus on the analysis of the institutional, regulatory, technical and financial dimensions of the development of healthcare security and ICTs in the health sector in Africa:

Parallel Technical Sessions 1 on the technical challenges of developing patient safety and risk management in health care settings

    SP1. Injection safety and medical waste management in health facilities in Africa
SP1. PfPS event: Meeting of Patient Associations for Patient Safety in Africa
SP1. Combating healthcare-associated infections and risk management in maternity services in Africa

Parallel Sessions 2 on strategic issues in the development of patient safety and digital health technologies


    SP2. Social coverage of serious adverse events related to state care and private insurance in Africa
SP2. Contribution of public-private partnership to improving patient safety in health facilities in Africa
SP2. The Contribution of Quality Management and Digital Technologies in Improving Patient Safety